News! | May 2023 The Heartbeat Music Project featured in The Strad article: "Creating a Community of Music and Diné Culture"
News! | 15 July 2021 | Heartbeat Music Project is pleased to announce that we’ve received an individual donation of an orchestra’s worth of instruments and funds to construct a prefabricated music building on the Nation.
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A Look Inside the Heartbeat Music Project
our mission
HMP supports Diné K-12 youth through the intergenerational transfer of culture, language, and music. These teachings push back on settler colonialism, a system that devalues Indigenous music while elevating Western music genres. By offering Diné and Western music education simultaneously, we disrupt the colonial project and provide Diné youth equitable access to heretofore “elitist” knowledge. Students engage in an organic confidence building process in which they strengthen and give voice to their own culture and reimagine Western music genres, creating emergent artistic traditions that help shape postcolonial local and global musical cultures and are sustained within the greater Navajo community.
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Click here for the full story: "Healing with Heartbeat: Music Education in the Navajo Nation"